A Trash Bag For Any Occasion

I first saw these little stick on disposable trash bags in my friend Vivian’s car when we were on a 3-hour road trip. As usual, the kids in the back are eating all kinds of snacks, and generating all kinds of trash, candy bar wrappers, orange peels, dirty tissues, empty chip bags…I was feeling bad for my friend. But because she had these stick-on trash bags attached to both backside doors, the kids just threw all the garbage in the trash bags. There was no mess. It was great!

disposable adhesive car trash bag 

Another friend’s daughter Jenny gets car sick every time she sits in a car for a long time, so these also come in handy, cuz they are very sturdy and leakproof! They not only can peel and stick on the back, there’s also a peel and stick feature in the front, so after use, you can reseal the trash bag so they don’t leak.


My sister has really bad allergies every spring, and I gave these to her so she’ll have somewhere to put her tissues in the car. Don't forget those used masks and sanitizing wipes, certainly don't want them all over the floor. 

These little bags can literally stick on to any hard surface: on the side of your kitchen counter, on the bathroom wall next to the toilet, on the side of your desk in the office, on the side of the bed stand, on the side of your tent when camping, even on the side of a wheelchair.

 multipurpose stick on trash bag for office kitchen bathroom

Check out this video to see how easy it is to use: 


Just something I've noticed though, these are only useful for those who really WANT to keep their surroundings clean. I've literally given these to people, and seen their kids continue to just throw trash wherever they felt like. So they are just tools, they don't change behaviors...

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